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Problem Statement

As travel numbers continue to rise, a surge in airport-related challenges has emerged causing lengthy queues at the information desk for which is resulting in passenger frustration and a strain on airport staff.

User Journey

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How might we assist users in avoiding physical waiting at the information desk?

Group Ideation

  • Hire more agents in order to pace up the resolution process

  • Service helpline specifically to provide solutions for disruption relation topic

  • Robot kiosks that can move around. Similar tech like at Japan's airport

  • Digital queue where people can put themselves in queue digitally

  • Online chatting services

Effort vs Value Matrix

To determine which idea would be the winning idea, we utilised effort vs value matrix

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A digital queue or a  virtual line that people will join using digital technology, such as kiosks and mobile web. It will allow individuals to wait for their turn remotely, receive updates on their position, and eventually be notified when it's their time to proceed with a service or transaction, thus minimizing physical waiting and enhancing convenience.


MVP1 Designs before user testing


User testing results

Can digital queue solve the problem?

Participant 1


Frequent flyer


28 years old


  • I like the design idea and would be very helpful because it's too tiring to stand in the line for a long time. Specially, when I have long flights.

  • Interesting but how will I get notified when it's my turn? 

  • Good initiative to solve the problem. I travel frequently and when there is disruption then it's annoying to stand in a queue for a long period. Especially with kids.

  • What if I want to leave the queue because my problem has been resolved.

  • Introduce notification system

  • Restrictions: Cannot use push notifications. Can be notified via email but high cost. Can be notified via whatsapp. Relatively cheaper.

  • Allow user to leave the queue whenever they want to.

  • Restrictions: High efforts for the dev. but high usability too.

Can digital queue solve the problem?

Participant 2


Non Frequent flyer


43 years old


  • Tester observation: The user was scrolling back to the top again and again to see her queue number.

  • Would be nice if the flights do not get disrupted at all.

  • Feels like there is too much information to remember. And how do I get informed about my queue number?

  • Its a good solution but not the only solution. As mentioned, it would be nicer if the flights are not even cancelled.

  • Add queue number details at the bottom of the page to aid user in remembering their queue number

  • Improve visual design. Currently, it feels visually heavy.

  • Highlight users personel queue number when it's their turn.

MVP1 Designs after user testing



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